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Virtual Reality for oPerating Room

Immersive training in an operating room 

Immersed in a 3D operating room, VIP ROOM is an innovative training solution combining virtual reality and serious games. For students and healthcare professionals, it addresses the theme of hygiene and risk management in the operating room

An ongoing challenge for healthcare institutions 

*Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Surgical site infections are among the most common nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities. Reducing these infections is a daily challenge, often requiring compliance with care protocols. 

The objective of VIP ROOM, is to offer a training solution on the theme of the operating room in order to raise awareness of the protocols and measures to prevent infections on the operating site and to strengthen the management of the risk of infection. 

This training, produced by Simango, provides a powerful learning tool. This start-up, created in 2018, develops immersive training for healthcare professionals through serious games and virtual reality.


Innovation at the service of health workforce


                                                      Health workers 

The benefits of learning through virtual reality 

Healthcare workers who can train independently, anywhere and anytime on a virtual reality headset facilitate the learning process and improve memorization. In addition, the serious game offers a playful training more motivating and attractive for the learner. 

This learning format allows a safe approach to risk management in relatively short periods of time while meeting national requirements.

An autonomous solution on Oculus Go


This training module includes the following pre-operative preparation steps and protocols:  

Consultation room
Dressing and hand washing room

Operating room

Duration: 30 minutes.

Discover your new professional training

Free trial version downloadable on computer or accessible on a browser, including only the error operating block :


  Online version : 

  Downloadable version: 

Take advantage of the full version of VIP ROOM by contacting us here


Our training is available at decreasing rates, depending on the number of people trained.

Prices for Universities : around 20€ / 18£ / 22$  per student per year.

Prices for health workers :

Number of participants

Price (per pass)
Less than 100 35 € / 32 £ / 39 $
More than 100 and Less than 200 30 € / 27 £ / 33 $
More than 200 and less than 300 25 € / 23 £ / 28 $
More than 300  20 € / 18 £ / 22 $
If you are interested in this training format, many training modules are available via Simango at the same price

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